The Family at the Service of Life 

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Language: English

Translated from: Familie: Dienst am Leben 1953 

ISBN: 8171094791

Edition: 2

Translator(s): Cole, Mary

Number of pages: 270

Date published: 2000

Publisher: Saint Paul's Press

Publishing place: Bangalore, India

Copyright year: 1996

Book format: Paperback

Keywords: family


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Edition remarks: Published in collaboration with the Schoenstatt Fathers, Waukesha, U.S.A. printed by St. Paul Press,. Nagasandra. Bangalore 2001. First edition was in 1996., pages 270. Colour - blue. Size 21.5 x 13.5. It is in the form of printing. Translated by Mary Cole. Event name: Familie im Dienst am Leben 1953 Text from 1953-01-01 Short name: Familie im Dienst am Leben

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