Lunes por la tarde Tomo 21: Nuestra vida a la luz de la fe 

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Kentenich, José; Amrheim, M. Mattia (Ed.); Süss, Maripetra (Ed.)

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On Monday Evenings Volume 21: Our Life in the Light of Faith  1, 2003 USA

Language: Spanish

Translated from: Am Montagabend - 21 Band - Unser Leben im Licht des Glaubens 

ISBN: 9567598096

Edition: 2

Translator(s): Acosta, Sergio Danilo

Number of pages: 280

Date published: 2007-08

Publisher: Editorial Schoenstatt

Publishing place: Santiago, Chile

Book format: Paperback

Volume number: 21

Keywords: God the Father, faith, family, married life, motherhood, priesthood, voices of God


2a edición: 650 ejemplares

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