Our mission

Schoenstatt Link is effectively a database for anything related to the Schoenstatt Movement. We hope to encourage the creation of new widely-featured phone applications. We provide a framework for wide, multi-lingual data collection projects. Please create an account and help us make Schoenstatt accessible to all!

This site is currently coordinated by Fr. Jeff Roedel, a US Schoenstatt Father, and is maintained by many volunteers. It was developed in communication with, and at the service of the General Presidium and the International Coordination.

Who are we reaching out to?

We have three main audiences we wish to serve:

  1. Schoenstatt Movement leaders. By modeling Schoenstatt's organizational structure, we hope to provide a dynamic way to maintain movement contacts throughout the world while respecting everyone's privacy.
  2. Schoenstatt academics. Hundreds of thousands of hours have gone into researching our founder, Fr. Joseph Kentenich, yet it is often difficult to access these resources. We hope provide a comprehensive list of Schoenstatt-related literature published, especially academic papers. This list links to digital copies of materials and library catalogue entries where physical copies may be found.
  3. Web and phone application developers. Our REST APIs expose direct access to our database. We hope this will encourage programmers to innovate and invest in new Schoenstatt applications.

How can I help?

  1. Updating data. Is your shrine information up-to-date? Create an account to update it.
  2. Translating. We try to keep this website and its data available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian. Please email webmaster@schoenstatt.link if you can help.
  3. Programming. The schoenstatt.link web application is written in PHP in the Laminas framework. Our codebase is hosted privately on bitbucket. Please email webmaster@schoenstatt.link if you can help.