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por jeff Posted 5 years ago


Hi everyone,

it's been a few months since the last blog post so I want to give an update on what's been moving lately. The most important by far has been to clarify the purpose of Schoenstatt Link and its role in the Schoenstatt Movement's digital presence:

Schoenstatt Link is a reference tool for Movement structures (shrines, wayside shrines, retreat houses, communities, etc) and Fr. Kentenich studies.

The movement structures half hopes to maintain up-to-date contact information, and specifically for the shrines, opening times, and mass, adoration and confession schedules. This information should be readily exposed to the Google search engine and easily consumable (through web scripting) by other schoenstatt websites so we can create an accessible single-source-of-truth.

The Father Kentenich study half of the website hopes to entangle all several precompiled resources to create a streamlined study experience. I hope that Kentenich-academics will create "portals", for example, of Schoenstatt pedagogy with links to actual Fr. Kentenich texts in their proper context. Full texts should be pre-linked to Schoenstatt dictionary entries and the Schoenstatt Lexikon for immediate reference links while studying. Academic papers regarding Fr. Kentenich's thought should be able to link directly to the pertinent bibliography with the ability to view which physical libraries contain these books for future reference. In summary, take advantage of the vast intellectual efforts which have been made to make Fr. Kentenich accessible to the world.

What are the next steps then?

Movement Structures:

Fr. Kentenich studies

There's plenty of work to be done so feel free to lend a hand if you're interested. Also, we count on the cooperation and openness to work together for this common goal.

United in the Covenant,