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Kentenich, Josef

Other editions:

Heavenwards  2006 Waukesha, Wisconsin



Heavenwards American 2.5

Language: Inglese

Translated from: Himmelwärts 

Edition: 6

Date published: 2018

Publisher: Schoenstatt Fathers

Publishing place: Waukesha, Wisconsin

Copyright year: 1993

Book format: Paperback

Keywords: Dachau, prayer, spirituality

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Edition remarks: American Edition. This edition was published 15th September 1993.It was published on 25th anniversary of the death of our Father Fr. Joseph Kentenich. Pages 245. Colour - dark red. Size 15 x 10.5.

Translated by J. Niehaus. It is in the form of printing.

Event name: Himmelwärts.

Text from 1942-01-01 - 1945-01-01

Short name: Himmelwärts

Abbreviation: HW 45

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