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Kentenich, Josef

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Hacia el Padre  1965-01-15

Language: English

Current publication: Heavenwards [6, 2018]

Translated from: Himmelwärts 

Number of pages: 196

Publisher: Schoenstatt Fathers

Copyright year: 1992

Book format: Paperback

Keywords: prayer

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Edition remarks: Translated by Jonathan Niehaus, prologue signed by Fr. Niehaus on October 18th, 1992. Green cover. 196 pgs. Prologue makes reference to a version 2.5 (presumably the immediately prior version)

(c) Copyright 1992 by Jonathan Niehaus and the Schoenstatt Fathers, W 284 N 746 Cherry Lane, Waukesha, WI 53188, USA.

Translated from the German edition: Vallendar Schönstatt,1945; current printing (c) Copyright 1973 by Schönstatt Verlag, Vallendar Schönstatt, Germany.

Event name: Himmelwärts.

Text from 1942-01-01 - 1945-01-01

Short name: Himmelwärts

Abbreviation: HW 45

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Colegio Mayor Heavenwards 1945_Pry. 1.2
Colegio Mayor Heavenwards 1945_Pry. 1.1

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