On Monday Evenings Volume 20: Married Love as a Way to Holiness 

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Kentenich, Josef; Amrhein, M. Mattia (Ed.); Suess, Maripetra (Ed.)

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Canto al Amor - Conferencias sobre el amor conyugal  1 Santiago, Chile

Lunes por la tarde Tomo 20: El amor conyugar, camino a la santidad  2, 1997-10 Santiago, Chile

Szeretet és szerelem (Küldetésünk titkai 12.)  1994 Óbudavár, Hungary

Language: English

Translated from: Am Montagabend - 20 Band - Eheliche Liebe als Weg zur Heiligkeit 

ISBN: 3920849736

Edition: 1

Translator(s): Heisig, Marihedwig

Number of pages: 216

Date published: 1998

Publisher: Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary - Waukesha

Publishing place: Waukesha, WI, USA

Copyright year: 1998

Book format: Paperback

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