Launch of new "Schoenstatt Shrines" app for Android!

by jeff Posted 10 months ago

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We're happy to be working with Alberto (Tito) León from Santiago, Chile for the launch of a new Android phone app "Schoenstatt Shrines". The app is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian and will be using the shrine data hosted here on

Tito began work on the Shrine app in 2016 because, after a trip to Spain, he realized that he had been right by a the Blessed Mother in her Shrine in Serrano, and never knew until afterwards. He finished the app in 2017, but when his computer was stolen he lost all the code. He has since re-programmed the app and polished it for launch.

The main features we have been working on is to provide:

Update on advances

by jeff Posted 1 year ago


Hi everyone,

it's been a few months since the last blog post so I want to give an update on what's been moving lately. The most important by far has been to clarify the purpose of Schoenstatt Link and its role in the Schoenstatt Movement's digital presence:

Schoenstatt Link is a reference tool for Movement structures (shrines, wayside shrines, retreat houses, communities, etc) and Fr. Kentenich studies.

The movement structures half hopes to maintain up-to-date contact information, and specifically for the shrines, opening times, and mass, adoration and confession schedules. This information should be readily exposed to the Google search engine and easily consumable (through web scripting) by other schoenstatt websites so we can create an accessible single-source-of-truth.

The Father Kentenich study half of the website hopes to entangle all several precompiled resources to create a streamlined study experience. I hope...

What is Schoenstatt Link?

by jeff Posted 1 year ago


After almost 3 years, we're proud to announce the formal launch of Schoenstatt Link. For a while several parts have been functional, but I believe we've gotten the point where it can grow on its own.

What is Schoenstatt Link?

Schoenstatt Link is an attempt to create a complete reference on Fr. Kentenich bibliography, shrines around the world and officially released Fr. Kentenich texts. It's collaborative structure invites all to assist in filling in missing information and works to provide a space to encourage communication within the Schoenstatt Movement.

Who's behind Schoenstatt Link?

The site started at the request of the General Presidium to create a simple contacts database for internal use. This later became a platform for other projects that could be of service to the Schoenstatt Community. The creator and principal maintainer is Jeff Roedel (the author of this blog post), a seminarian belonging to the Schoenstatt Fathers' community, though this was only be pos...